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My credit isnt established yet so what is a good financing rate for buying a used car?

I am 19 and i want to buy my first used car. The car i want to buy is about 12000. I plan on putting 2 thousand down and i was wondering what kind of apr i should get with the car only being financed for 10000, with my new credit in mind? Also i do have a source of income. I make about 2000 a month
My credit isnt established yet so what is a good financing rate for buying a used car?
You can get, and shouldn%26#039;t take anything higher than 9 percent. Thats average for first time buyers. Now don%26#039;t get lied to b/c alot of times, car dealers will tell you that since its your first car, you need to buy a new car. Thats the biggest crock of crap i%26#039;ve ever heard, however they tell people that all the time. There are first time buyer programs for people so they can get a 25,000 dollar car with 9 percent interest. So if you want to buy new you can, but dont be fooled by anyone that you have too.
My credit isnt established yet so what is a good financing rate for buying a used car?
I highly doubt you will get 9% with no credit established yet. There is a huge credit crunch right now. People are defaulting on cars and homes at a record pace. Consequently, banks are tighter than ever on loans. It is not as easy to qualify for those low rates as it used to be. I am seeing loans that were a lock 1 yr ago getting kicked back today.

You have not yet proven your ability to repay a significant loan. A bank will likely want a cosigner in order to finance you. And, contrary to the previous advice, you may want to consider a new car. Why? Because many new cars have factory rebates, which count toward your down payments. Also, many manufacturer%26#039;s have subsidized rates and programs right now. You don%26#039;t have either of those on a used car.

Check for a loan approval with an online broker like or Both will shop your appication to multiple lenders. That way you should get the best available rate based on your credit and income history.

Good luck!

"what is the music used in mercedes advert with the violins in it"?

I believe it%26#039;s %26quot; I Love You For Sentimental Reasons%26quot; by Sam Cooke

I need Help with Cars? Your Opinion?

My friends b-day is coming, I can either Buy him a car or give one of mine.

cars i can buy him that he likes:

Enzo Ferrari, Pagani Zonda C12, Porsche Carrera GT.

Cars i have:

Hummer H2 Lamborghini Murcielago Explorer Jaguar(sports) Mercadies SLR Mclaren F150

E150 Expedition CRV Toyota Camry.

And another F150 for my sisters shopping

Which should i pick
I need Help with Cars? Your Opinion?
I would get him the Enzo Ferrari, and while you are at it, get me one too.
I need Help with Cars? Your Opinion?
Mercadies SLR Mclaren or Lamborghini Murcielago. He would love either too, they are the most expensive, and nicest cars. Thats what you wanted and got, you konw he would like the same.
Reply:Well, the make and model don%26#039;t matter as Hot wheels don%26#039;t vary on price from one to the other. I think you should check Walmart and see what%26#039;s in stock and if you can%26#039;t find something better go with something that%26#039;s still in the package.
Reply:Thanks, Mr. Weisscue !!! You made my imagination work !! This is what I propose: Put each key in a nice box corresponding to all the cars you have now. Seal them, and no clue as to which vehicle it is for.Then put a another token key, to represent the car you can and will buy for your friend, if he likes another one. Then, on his birthday, after all the guests are there, and had partaken of the food ( if you prefer many guests ), call their attention in the middle of the party to this some sort of raffle. Then, as you are willing and able to let go of any of the cars, let him choose the key he wants, and that%26#039;s where the fun begins!

Your friend will love you more for this added surprise, more so if you give him a thick wad of gas redeemable coupons!
Reply:Give or get him the cheapest car. If they guy really loves you for you, then he won%26#039;t complain. If he%26#039;s only chasing you for your money then he%26#039;s going to ******! And it%26#039;s best to find it out right away before your pour a lot of money into a lot of expensive gifts just to find out he%26#039;s using you..
Reply:Forget the car.

Get him a Yacht.
Reply:sell your Jaguar

give him the money, let him buy whatever he wants.
Reply:You are buying your friend a car for his bday????

Can I be your friend too?
Reply:Dude, get him the Ferrari Enzo because the cars you have are too common. There are only 399 (400) Enzo%26#039;s. The Enzo is a mid-engined car. The engine is Ferrari%26#039;s V12 with 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and variable valve timing. 651 hp 485 lbs-ft of torque The redline is 8200 rpm. The Enzo can accelerate to 60 mph in 3.14 seconds and can reach 100 mph in 6.6 seconds.The 录 mile time is from 10.8 to 11.2 sec at well over 130 mph and the top speed is 221.9 mph.

Here%26#039;s a picture:

Buy it here:

If you have to give him one of your cars, get him the Lamborghini or the SLR. If you can%26#039;t get the Enzo, get the Carrera GT, THEN the Zonda

What details should one pay attention on when buying a car sells by bank?

check to see if there are any leins on it!
What details should one pay attention on when buying a car sells by bank?
get on kelly blue and see what the car is really worth.
What details should one pay attention on when buying a car sells by bank?
You should follow the same guidelines as you would any car purchase. Get the car inspected for problems by someone that either knows cars well like say a friend that%26#039;s %26quot;really%26quot; a mechanic and not just one that thinks he or she is or see if they will allow you to take the car to auto repair shop. You might say well it will cost money to have a repair shop to look at the car. It might cost you a few dollars to get it checked out, but it could save you hundreds or even thousands if it turns out the car has costly repairs that you didn%26#039;t spot before you purchased the car. In the past I bought a car and a truck from a buy here and pay here car lot and neither the car or truck lasted as long as the payments did. Both had transmission problems that cost between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars for repair work. Next the truck caught on fire and cost me $2,300 in repairs plus I was still making payments because I didn%26#039;t want to ruin the credit I was trying to get started.

Contract Leasing and servicing?

Does anybody know what you%26#039;re supposed to do about servicing a car at the end of a contract lease period - my lease is due to expire 1 week before the next required service - should I get it serviced or not?
Contract Leasing and servicing?
You should have kept it fully maintained throughout the whole period of the lease.

If not you will pay!!
Contract Leasing and servicing?
You are only required to do the service if it is due.

If is not due for a week then don%26#039;t do it.

Take care though. You must look at the service book. The interval for your service is mileage sensitive not only time sensitive. Make sure you have not forgot to do it a certain mileage.

On a personal note, i always go for maintenance included in my lease. I find this save a lot of time and trouble.

All the best.
Reply:No, you are not required to get that one done. Save your money.

What web sites can help me?

Sell my 88 Silverado? i have a Craigslist, and Autotrader ad... any others???

What web sites can help me?
EbaY!! its the world largest market

you gonna do fine with that :)
What web sites can help me?
Try, though it%26#039;s not a car market place.

I'm looking to buy my first car?

I%26#039;m 19 years old and I%26#039;m looking to buy my first car. I%26#039;m looking to spend between 2,500 dollars and 3,000 dollars. What kind of cars could I get in that price range?
I%26#039;m looking to buy my first car?
only a junker that is like as old as you are. good luck finding one though =)
I%26#039;m looking to buy my first car?
Hi Carlos, where do you live?
Reply:a deloren
Reply:You can get a bicycle... a hybrid bicycle
Reply:for $4,000

look for

98 Acura CL, 98 Ford Mustang V6, 98 Honda Accord or Civic, 98 Nissan Frontier or Pathfinder, 98 Subaru Impreza or Legacy, 98 -00 Toyota Corolla or Echo 00

these are all reliable and will last longer than other cars in this price range.
Reply:go to and put in your price range you will see what is available. You can get a decent car for that price I had a car last me 4 years and I spent 3500 on it. It would have lasted longer if I deceded to get it fixed but I wanted a new car.